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Keynote Speakers

  • Abbas Akhoundi

    Abbas Akhoundi

    Minister of Roads & Urban Development I. R. of Iran
  • Mohammad Saeid Nejad

    Mohammad Saeid Nejad

    Deputy Minister & President Ports & Maritime Organization I. R. of Iran
  • Mehdi Karbasian

    Mehdi Karbasian

    Deputy Minister & President, Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization ( IMIDRO ) I.R. of Iran
  • Saeid Mohammadzadeh

    Saeid Mohammadzadeh

    Deputy Minister of Roads & Urban Development & Managing Director, the Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran I.R. of Iran
  • Dawoud Keshavarzian

    Dawoud Keshavarzian

    Deputy Minister of Roads & Urban Development & President, Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization I. R. of Iran
  • Mr. Paolo Bisogni

    Mr. Paolo Bisogni

    President, European Logistics Association ( ELA ) Belgium
  • Gavin W. Roser

    Gavin W. Roser

    Secretary General, the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum Belgium
  • Masoud Khansari

    Masoud Khansari

    President, Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Agriculture I.R. of Iran
  • Masoud Polmeh

    Masoud Polmeh

    President, Transportation & Logistics Federation of Iran I.R. of Iran
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  • Nicole  Geerkens

    Nicole Geerkens

    Executive Director European Logistics Association (ELA) Belgium
  • Michael Kuchenbecker

    Michael Kuchenbecker

    Director of Logistic Network Consultants (LAG)
  • Ergin  Büyükbayram

    Ergin Büyükbayram

    Branch Manager, Universal Transport Gürkan Turkey
  • Mehrdad Taghizadeh

    Mehrdad Taghizadeh

    Deputy Minister of Transportation Ministry of Roads and Urban Development I.R. of Iran
  • Omid Malek

    Omid Malek

    Chairman of Transportation, Logistics & Customs Commission, Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines and Agriculture
  • Mohammad Reza Ghaem Maghami

    Mohammad Reza Ghaem Maghami

    Member, Board of Directors, Association of Irainian Ports & Harbors Operators I. R. of Iran
  • Javad Semsarilar

    Javad Semsarilar

    Chairman of the Strategic Board, Transportation & Logistic Federation of Iran I. R. of Iran
  • Majid Babaie

    Majid Babaie

    Secretary General, Guild of Rail Transport Companies and Related Services I. R. of Iran
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