Considering Iran’s special conditions after opening its doors to international business, it is quite vital to make major improvements in its business atmosphere and strategy. Re-flourishing of the national economy at various fields will definitely depends on the developing of the transportation sector at national level and this stipulates the pivotal role of this sector for achieving the main goals in Iran’s 2025 vision plan. After strengthening Iran’s platform in the international arena ,the Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum will be held by Transportation & Logistics Federation of Iran and IICIC, with the main aim of introducing transportation projects and attracting national and international investments. Iran has been the cradle and crossroad of important cultures and civilizations as of ancient ages and since then transportation were quite important in this country.


Keynote Speakers

  • Abbas Akhoundi

    Abbas Akhoundi

    Minister of Roads & Urban Development, I. R. of Iran
  • Mehrdad Taghizadeh

    Mehrdad Taghizadeh

    Deputy Minister of Transportation Ministry of Roads and Urban Development I.R. of Iran
  • Masoud Khansari

    Masoud Khansari

    President, Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Agriculture I.R. of Iran
  • Paolo Bisogni

    Paolo Bisogni

    President, European Logistics Association (ELA) Belgium
  • Korosh Fatahi

    Korosh Fatahi

    Managing Director, Imam Khomeini Airport City, I.R. of Iran
  • Masoud Polmeh

    Masoud Polmeh

    President, Transportation & Logistics Federation of Iran I.R. of Iran
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  • Mostafa Ayati

    Mostafa Ayati

    Deputy of Transit Monitoring Bureau, Manager of Islamic Republic of Customs Administration
  • Edvins Berzins

    Edvins Berzins

    President & Chairman of the Board SJSC (Latvian Railway), Latvia
  • Ergin  Büyükbayram

    Ergin Büyükbayram

    Branch Manager, Universal Transport Gürkan Turkey
  • Majid Babaie

    Majid Babaie

    Secretary General, Guild of Rail Transport Companies and Related Services I. R. of Iran
  • Franz Freiherr von Redwitz

    Franz Freiherr von Redwitz

    Managing Director, MAN Truck & Bus Middle East & Africa FZE, Germany
  • Behrouz Iranzad

    Behrouz Iranzad

    Deputy of Transit Monitoring Bureau, Islamic Republic of Customs Administration
  • Frank Jozef S. Geerkens

    Frank Jozef S. Geerkens

    Port Ambassador, Antwerp Port Authority Belgium
  • Mehdi Karbasian

    Mehdi Karbasian

    Deputy Minister & President, Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization ( IMIDRO ) I.R. of Iran
  • Mehrdad Khajenournouri

    Mehrdad Khajenournouri

    Former Member of Insurance High Council, I. R. of Iran
  • Parviz Khoshkalam Khosroshahi

    Parviz Khoshkalam Khosroshahi

    First Vice President, Central Insurance of I.R. Iran
  • Arun Kumar Gupta

    Arun Kumar Gupta

    Managing Director, India Ports Global Ltd, India
  • Omid Malek

    Omid Malek

    President of Board of Directors, shipping association I. R. of Iran
  • Alireza Moghadsi

    Alireza Moghadsi

    Deputy president For supervision and  Legal Afairs in islamic republic of customs administration (IRICA)
  • Saeid Mohammadzadeh

    Saeid Mohammadzadeh

    Deputy Minister & Chairman of the Board & Managing Director, the Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Dariush  Niknam

    Dariush Niknam

    IKAC Logistics City Project Manager, NACO3T JV, I.R of Iran
  • Amaury Olivier P Luyckx

    Amaury Olivier P Luyckx

    Business Development  Manager, Polytra N.V., Belgium
  • Sanjay Prashar

    Sanjay Prashar

    Sanjay Prashar, Managing Director, V R Maritime Services Pvt Ltd, India
  • Ali Mahmodi Saraie

    Ali Mahmodi Saraie

    President of Board of Directors, International Transport Truck Owner Companies Association of I.R. of Iran
  • Mohammad Rastad

    Mohammad Rastad

    Deputy Minister & President Ports & Maritime Organization I. R. of Iran
  • Gavin W. Roser

    Gavin W. Roser

    Secretary General, the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum Belgium
  • Majid Sadeghizadeh

    Majid Sadeghizadeh

    Managing Director & Vice President of the Board Directors, Kaveh Special Economic Zone, I. R. of Iran
  • Alireza Sadrikhah

    Alireza Sadrikhah

  • Hossein Salari

    Hossein Salari

    Director of Transit Monitoring Bureau, Islamic Republic of Customs Administration
  • Javad Semsarilar

    Javad Semsarilar

    Chairman of the Strategic Board, Transportation & Logistic Federation of Iran I. R. of Iran
  • Pedram Soltani

    Pedram Soltani

    Vice President, President, Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Agriculture, I. R. of Iran
  • Rainer Thome

    Rainer Thome

    Professor, University of Wuerzburg ,Germany
  • Masoum Zamiri

    Masoum Zamiri

    Managing Director & Vice President of Board of Directors, Pasargad Insurance Co., I. R. of Iran
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