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Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed societies into e-societies,e-business, e-healthcare, e-government and so forth and have been substantially developed in many industrial countries. Therefore developing countries need to define a comprehensive & appropriate national strategy if they wish ICT to have a positive impact on their overall socio-economic growth. In case of proper usage of ICT, it can act as the main factor for increasing productivity and sustainability in public administration, communications infrastructure, industry and services.

Iran has achieved substantial progress in the ICT industry during recent years and has great potential to become one of the world's largest economies: hence it has defined a twenty year vision, a plan for long-term sustainable growth. According to this plan, Iran should become top ranked in the region in economy, science and technology by 2025, keeping pace with the increasingly progressive growth of science. Establishing infrastructure, supplying adequate financial resources and stabilising national determination could be considered to be the crucial factors to achieve the outstanding goals as included in Iran’s 2025 plan.

The Supreme Council of Information & Communication Technology (SCICT), the highest decision making body in the area of ICT policy making in Iran, planned the foundations of the National ICT Agenda “TAKFA” as Iran’s road to knowledge-based development.

TAKFA's Vision Statement:

“Powerful Iran in the 21st century through knowledge centric ICT”

 TAKFA's Mission Statement:

“Employing ICT to transform national opportunities and resources into national wealth, power and pride towards sustainable national development so that Iranian citizens are empowered to achieve their full potential in life”.

In order to achieve the national ICT goals, it is crucial to exploit advanced ICT know-how and technologies as well as attracting international investors.

In this context, Iran Information and Communication Technology Forum “Investment & Development” will be held on October 23-24, 2016 in Tehran. The Forum will definitely provide a dynamic environment to exchange experiences, learn about the latest achievements and access first-hand information about this industry. Hence all involved national and international ICT officials, experts and companies are cordially invited to actively take part in this significant event.




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  • Mahmoud Vaezi

    Mahmoud Vaezi

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology,I.R. of Iran
  • Nasrollah Jahangard

    Nasrollah Jahangard

    Deputy Minister and Chief Information Technology Organization,I.R.of Iran
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  • Alfredo Chinchilla

    Alfredo Chinchilla

    Project Manager, Oracle, Spain
  • Günter Mull

    Günter Mull

    CEO, Dermalog, Germany
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